Weight Loss Expert in LA

Weight Loss Expert in LA

Weight loss is a process that requires a lot of discipline and willpower. It is not an easy task to accomplish and people often struggle with it. That’s why you need a weight loss trainer or coach to help you get the best results for your body type and goals.

Ray V is a weight loss trainer having a proven track-record of losing weight for celebrities, athletes, popular public figures, and common people with right set of workouts and healthy foods. Ray will work with you one-on-one to help guide you through the process of losing weight so that you don’t get discouraged or give up on your journey.

Weght Loss, Strength, and Fitness Training

Working out for fitness and weight loss can be confusing & frustrating. Have a goal and not know where to start or what exactly to do…or tried different kinds of diets but none really worked? The best way to navigate the ever changing weight loss landscape is with help from an expert professional who can optimize your time in the gym by providing the best current training modalities available with the most up to date relevant nutritional guidance.

Ray fully understands that everyone has different goals and needs. That is why he creates customized training programs which prevent injury and optimize your ability to achieve your specific goal, whether its fat loss, muscle gain, prepping for your wedding day photos, a bikini competition, or getting a healthier more functional body. You’ll be provided the most efficient time saving cardio and weight lifting work-outs to achieve your goal in the quickest time possible. Ray is dedicated to helping make sure you’re successful in reaching and maintaining your goals, in a non-intimidating training environment.

Ray provides in-home personal training sessions, and remote training via Skype, as well as 1-on-1 personal training sessions at a private gym facility located in Los Angeles. The facility features many amenities of a large gym minus the intimidating environment.

If you’re ready to see real results, Ray will help you get there. His clients have safely lost from just 10 lbs. of body-fat in a few weeks up to 150 lbs. of body-fat in one year, going from out of shape and overweight to absolutely amazing!

Contact Ray today at (310) 622-0799 or email, to set up a brief consult, with no cost or obligation to you.



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