Back Pain Relief Trainer in LA

Back Pain Relief Trainer in LA

Low back pain is a common cause of inactivity in adults, however staying active increases blood flow to the area and actually helps healing. Although you should never exercise through pain and avoid direct spine load compression, you can help reduce and even eliminate your low back pain due to postural, structural, and functional damage through exercise and weight training working with a highly experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer like Ray V.

Mitigate Low Back Pain

Anyone who’s ever suffered a low back injury can attest to the fact of how absolutely debilitating the pain level can reach.

There are many causes of low back pain and everyone’s pain is different. Each requires a different individualized training program and strategy to mitigate the pain.

Research has shown back pain sufferers who participate in weight training programs see significant decrease in pain symptoms compared to those who avoid activity. However, some exercise activities can increase back pain and should be avoided.

Due to his injuries during military service, Ray also suffered from extremely severe low back pain. With the help of doctors, numerous physical therapists, and his own extensive research, Ray learned to manage his pain and recovery.

Ray provides postural modifications, various exercises for specific back muscles, stretching, decompression, and self-mobilization techniques that will greatly help reduce low back pain, providing a better quality of life.

His experience has benefited many of his clients over the years to reduce, alleviate, and even completely eliminate back pain.



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