Bikini & Physique Competition

Ray and Angelina are both Contest Preparation Experts with many decades of experience in competition dieting and posing routines for Bikini, Physique, and bodybuilding competitions. Angelina is a PNBA Professional Bikini champion and Ray is an NPC bodybuilding and Men’s physique champion with the knowledge and decades of extensive experience to get your body in the amazing shape required to stand out on stage or to simply stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re curious or seriously thinking about transforming your body into that of a Bikini or Men’s Physique competitor, there is a substantial amount of information you will need to learn, and some very common training and nutrition dieting mistakes you will want to avoid. Ray and Angelina are the fitness experts that (who) can help you get into your best possible shape for your competition or a photo shoot…give them a call today at (310) 622-0799 or (310) 926-9536 or send an email.

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